Montañita en Accion


Solidarity, huge hearts and big dreams are some of the words to describe a local volunteer group based in Montañita, Ecuador. Coming together to help communities affected by the earthquake and poverty, these community members band together to provide their service, support and resources to those in need.When the earthquakes hit the coast of Ecuador in April, the nation was affected and even those who had little give did their part to support those in need. Donating funds to the red cross, water, clothing, mattresses, supplies, water filters and more showed how a nation affected can come together to re-build their country together. Honestly, something that western nations can take a lesson from. Not kidding.

IMG_0678As a town, Montañita, has received quite the reputation for being a noisy, sketchy, party hard beach town for tourists.

Never judge a book by its cover, folks!

If you scratch beneath the surface, you can easily see that this is a community of hard-working individuals with huge and generous hearts looking to make a living while doing their best to help neighbouring communities when they are able.

Montañita en Accion is one of the many groups in Ecuador that has business owners and community members alike to make Ecuador thrive again.

Although my interactions were brief, there is no doubt in my mind that their hearts were bursting with love and kindness. Meeting some of the members at Balsa Surf Camp at La Punta run by a fabulous couple, Julie and Rusty, it was educational to observe their ideas, processes and execution of their initiatives in the North of Ecuador.

IMG_0584Jonathan, Alejando and Jorge are the proxies for the group, they travel to the north and assist those in the by helping impoverished communities through the implementation of sustainability projects, transportation of necessities and resources with the sole intent to provide support. With the help of these three, the donations of the LifeStraw water filters and hygiene products that were brought down from Canada would not have made it to those who were in dire need.

Javier Calle, a local business man, has devoted his time, compassion and resources to help as much as he can with the group and has taken trips to areas that had been devastated by the earthquake. Needless to say that he was shaken by what he experienced and forever engrained.

In spite of the challenging economy, Javier carries on with his businesses and does what he can to invest back into the community and its efforts. A man with a big heart has the passion and vision of starting his own non-profit initiative in the near future.

These are only a handful of the unsung heroes in the town of Montañita and look forward to seeing their continued successes and achievements.

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