1Q17 Santa Maria de la Esperanza Orfanato Update

At the end of the 2016, our initiative donated funds to our strategic partners in South America to provide the kids we are supporting with a happy start to the year. Feel free to refer to our ‘Financials’ section of our page for a comprehensive breakdown of use of proceeds. Our fundamentals continue to remain that 100% of all donations are deployed to our strategic partners, while we cover our own overhead costs through the income earned through our jobs. As always, we will continue to support our two sponsored girls in Ciudad Oculta in Buenos Aires, Argentina and our efforts in providing necessities for the orphans at the Santa Maria de Esperenza Orfanato in Montanita, Ecuador on the provision that they provide us with updates 🙂 

I do admit that I have been behind the ball with the updates, especially given that I received this update in January 2017. I do apologize for the tardiness of the update as I’ve been acclimating to balancing a life at home but it does not mean that this project is any less important than it was at inception.

The holidays are a tough season for a lot of people, and there was no better way to start the year than providing the Orphanage with a small donation to help them continue to purchase the necessities needed for their operations. It is not unusual to take items like soap forgranted, but it is these items small items that make a difference in promotion healthy and sanitary living especially when paired with the guidance of the volunteers and advocates of this amazing Orphanage


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