Apr 2017 Update: L.I.F.E Argentina

One of the most touching moments during my time in Argentina was meeting so many sweet souls in Villa 31. Despite having an economically challenged upbringing, it is through L.I.F.E. Argentina that I was able to provide assistance for two sweet girls providing an opportunity for them to rise above of what they see as the norm.

To be given a chance to for a higher level of education, confidence building and to know that the world isn’t limited to those with “money”. Everyone is human, everyone deserves an opportunity to shine and if given the chance, why wouldn’t we take the opportunity to help those who need a bit of a boost?

L.I.F.E. Argentina provided us with two hand-written notes from our girls and can’t say how grateful we are to receive this. I’ve sponsored kids from other organizations, and they have community leads or their parents write the letters but this means so much more as it is coming directly from the two girls we met in-person.

>> Click the link to read Brisa’s letter <<

>> Click the link to read Camila’s letter <<

One of the most important things in establishing the relationships with our partners is truthful and responsible disclosure of the use of proceeds. It is important to us to know that funds being raised are going towards helping the girls and not overhead. For a PDF of the below image, please >> click here to view PDF <<

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