Apr 2017 Update: L.I.F.E Argentina

One of the most touching moments during my time in Argentina was meeting so many sweet souls in Villa 31. Despite having an economically challenged upbringing, it is through L.I.F.E. Argentina that I was able to provide assistance for two sweet girls providing an opportunity for them to rise above of what they see as the norm. Continue reading Apr 2017 Update: L.I.F.E Argentina

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1Q17 Santa Maria de la Esperanza Orfanato Update

At the end of the 2016, our initiative donated funds to our strategic partners in South America to provide the kids we are supporting with a happy start to the year. Feel free to refer to our ‘Financials’ section of our page for a comprehensive breakdown of use of proceeds. Our fundamentals continue to remain that 100% of all donations are deployed to our strategic partners, while we cover our own overhead costs through the income earned through our jobs. As always, we will┬ácontinue to support our two sponsored girls in Ciudad Oculta in Buenos Aires, Argentina and our efforts in providing necessities for the orphans at the Santa Maria de Esperenza Orfanato in Montanita, Ecuador on the provision that they provide us with updates ­čÖé┬á Continue reading 1Q17 Santa Maria de la Esperanza Orfanato Update

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Our Full-Year 2016 Recap

As a grassroots project that was started last year, we are very proud of our accomplishments to date as it has been an incredible year for us as we were able to grow our presence and relationships in Argentina, Ecuador and Costa Rica. As a pleasant surprise, we increased our donations by 18% on a year-over-year basis with the thanks of our social enterprise portion of Project #ShowSumLove that we started only a few months ago.

We continue to believe that offering products to consumers where 100% of donations are deployed to those in need is more meaningful to the consumer and our non-profit recipients. Project #ShowSumLove is a proxy for for our donors and customers to provide acts of kindness and generosity to impoverished communities in South and Central America.

We want to say thank you to those who have helped us grow this project and especially to Nalu Tribe for their exclusive design for our quick-dry leggings, Founder of Gudrun Hardes of WSUP Toronto showing local support and our fabulous brand ambassadors Kim & Jill of Surfing The Dream!

Performance and Financial Highlights

January 2016

As we officially launched Project #ShowSumLove, we made our way to Ciudad Oculta (Villa 15) during our trip Buenos Aires, Argentina to work with non-profit, L.I.F.E Argentina. It was there where we deployed C$2,000 to purchase necessities for the local soup kitchen, school supplies along with the annual sponsorship of two young girls in this impoverished community.

June 2016

Ecuador was affected by a horrific earthquake in the spring and we headed down to do our part to help out by bringing down a suitcase of medical supplies from Not Just Tourists Toronto, 17 lifestraw family 1.0 water filters, copious amounts of swag bags of hygiene products and a donation to the local orphanage in Montañita, Santa Maria de la Esperenza. 


November 2016

Wandering the streets of Jac├│, we ran into Cruz Roja de Costa Rica collecting supplies for those affected by Hurricane Otto. In honour of our first online purchase we have ever received (yay!), we purchased 5 gallons of filtered water to add to their pile of goods heading to the north of Costa Rica.

December 2016

As we wrapped up a steady year and saw a modest 18% increase in donations, we were happy to deploy US$300 as a first of two instalments for the continued sponsorships of our two girls; with a second instalment hoping to be raised and deployed by June 2017. Additionally, in support of the many orphans in Ecuador who touched our hearts and the good people of Monta├▒ita Spanish School; we deployed US$200 to support them to buy the necessities for the children.

As we move into a new year, we hope to continue to grow our presence to provide socially impactful goods to consumers so that they know that 100% of profits are used to provide opportunities to those who need one. 

For more specific project information, galleries and use of proceeds, please visit Our Projects.


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Monta├▒ita en Accion


Solidarity, huge hearts and big dreams are some of the words to describe a local volunteer group based in Monta├▒ita, Ecuador. Coming together to help communities affected by the earthquake and poverty, these community members band together to provide their service, support and resources to those in need. Continue reading Monta├▒ita en Accion

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8 Ways To Practice Sustainable and Responsible Travel

IMG_6686Whether you are coach surfing across South America, flashpacking through Europe, honeymooning in the Maldives or camping underneath the beautiful skies of Tanzania, there are many ways for travellers to seek our adventures in a sustainable manner.

Over the past few years, there continues to be an increasing interest by travellers of all styles to give back to the countries they are travelling to. Adventures to foreign and unknown lands are exhilarating experiences but our gift in return is to ensure that we do our part to minimize the negative environmental impact and continue to respect the cultures and well-being of the local populations that inhabit the areas we visit. Continue reading 8 Ways To Practice Sustainable and Responsible Travel

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